The Coach.

10 am

Honey we are running late, we have a 12pm flight to catch up. We need to get there in good time so I meet up with my slot for the conference.

Kirk & Bella are a cute couple from the beautiful city Port-Harcourt. Kirk just landed his dream slot in Hashtag Int’l Solutions to give a talk on his thoughts about the “RECESSION” and what possible solutions for individuals should be.
On the other hand, his pretty wife, Bella is tagging along as a supportive wife as she presently has no job to run after.

Babes I’ll be down in a minute. It’s crazy how you think you have clothes but can’t seem to pair any right. *whew* this is a big outing with loads of fun, babes you know Tonka told me there’s a swimming pool there,hope you put your trunk, cos I plan to have mad fun! It’s going to be a week to remember.

Back to the wardrobe, Bella has packed one box full and is putting accessories in her hand luggage, alongside some novels and diy projects she loves to get at in her spare time.

*phone rings*

Kirk: Hello
Caller: Good day Mr. Kirk Benebo, This is Wasiu from Intercol Connections.
Kirk: Good day, how may I help you please?
Caller: Sir,I called to let you know our conference has been rescheduled, this is due to some circumstances beyond our control and being the communications arm for our top clients Hashtag Int’l we’ve put this call across. We will send a mail, immediately to you. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

…Line dead…

Babes, I’m done, Bella calls out descending the stairs.

**Ahmed come and take the bags to the car. Tell the house keeper when she comes I dropped a note on the console for her.

**Yes ma!
Babes are you so upset? I’m sorry, we can still catch the flight, ehen who called?

Kirk deep in thoughts breathed out heavily…hmmmm! The conference has been rescheduled…

What?! How come??

…to be continued!…


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